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Band Biographies

Band member bios are on this page. TJ Nix's and Paul Plumeri's biographies are on separate pages.
Click on a name below, to be taken to their bio.

Tom "TJ" Nix, Harp, Vocals
Paul Plumeri, Guitar, Vocals
Angelo DiBraccio, Alto & Tenor Saxophones, Flute
Nick Hutton, Acoustic Guitars
Jerry Monk, Bass Guitar and Vocals
Vinny Ross, Bass Guitar and Vocals
Michael White, Drums
Marty Paglione, Drums

  • Angelo DiBraccio


    The great Angelo DiBraccio has built a strong reputation through his years of working with very popular and well-known recording artists. His experience includes recording, writing and producing for R&B and pop acts, including Evelyn King, Brother to Brother, and Roberta Flack. He also became a member of the touring band Tornader, which included Regina Belle and the lead guitarist of the Average White Band, Hamish Stewart.

    Angelo DiBraccioAngelo’s toured with a number of national acts, and has developed solid songwriting and producing skills, even winning awards for his songs.

    But the same thing that brought the attention of local and regional musicians in recent years—including Soul Minded, Doris Spears and the Supremes— brought Angelo to the Blues in Disguise project. That would be his horn: Angelo’s alto and tenor sax playing is the perfect match for TJ Nix’s powerful harp playing and the intense blues guitar of Paul Plumeri. In demand for his both sax and keyboard playing, this powerhouse, soulful player was just made to play on the Blues In Disguise project.

    Angelo’s primary influences on the saxophone (chronologically) are: Benny Goodman, Lester Young, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Roland Kirk, Miles Davis, King Curtis, Michael Brecker, Keith Jarrett and Pat Metheny.

    Roberta Flack LP Atlantic 19186, Independent Man - Alto Sax
    Soulminded LP: Power of the Flock, All Tracks - Tenor Alto and Soprano Sax solos
    Doris Spears LP: 9 Fold Muse: Blues for Grown Folks
    Blues Got A Hold On You - Tenor Sax solo, Sax section, Ode to a Whore - Tenor Sax solo, Sax section, Cried My Last Tear - Tenor Sax solo
    Carol Heffler LP: Exactly
    All tracks except You are There - Tenor, Alto and Sporano Sax solos
    Bruce Sudano LP: Fugitive Kind, A Girl Like You - Tenor Sax solo
    A Call to Conscience Stand Up - Alto Sax solo, Fallin' Sky - Sax section
    Joe Zook and Blues Deluxe
    All tracks - Alto or Tenor Saxophones, section and solos except S.O.S. (Stuck On Stupid), Head Start Shuffle, You Got Nothin' To Say
    How Long – Flute
    Sonoton Recorded Music Library LP: Natural Progression
    All tracks except Fresh Perspective and Opal Creek - Alto and Tenor Saxophones

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  • Nick Hutton


    Depending on the source you believe, most people agree that the first musical instrument to accompany the field hands who sang the blues was the acoustic guitar. The Blues In Disguise project is lucky enough to have added dedicated acoustic player Nick Hutton to the mix early. Actually, Nick's guitar was part of the original plan.

    Angelo DiBraccioNick is a talented guitarist who loves playing the blues, and his axe of choice is acoustic guitar.

    A fundamental part of the Bues In Disguise sound, Nick’s acoustic guitar adds just the right warmth and “voice” to the band’s already great mix of musicians.

    Nick’s told us the story of how he got to this place, and this project, and you can read all of “Nick’s notes” by clicking right here.

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  • Jerry Monk

    bass guitar & vocals

    An incredibly talented singer, arranger, songwriter and instrumentalist, Jerry Monk has been the “go-to guy” for many reasons during the creation of Blues In Disguise.

    He’s contributed just the right sound and “feel”, and just the perfect harmony vocals exactly where it sounded best. It has been a bonus for the guys to have Jerry on board.

    Here’s what Jerry wanted you to know:

    Jerry Monk"I started singing and playing guitar, ukelele, sax and bassoon in the 60's, bass in 1970. Cover bands were Three Penny Opera, D.D. and the Divebombers, WhiskeyJack, (a summer with Hoochie Cooch), Cop Shoo Bops,Ghostly Trio, CoverUp, The Joe Vadala Band, The Ed Wilson Band, Without a Net and CoverThis!.

    Original acts were WhiskeyJack, Pygmy, The Second Before and a few projects with John Kelly, Frank Pinto, Dave Hart, a single with D.D. and the Divebombers and one of my own as Monks'.
    I wrote hundreds of songs, played lots of clubs and studios, did some musical comedies locally, and met some amazing and unbelieveable characters.

    I sing harmony and leads.

    I love the feel of the perfect lock of bass and drums because you can (almost) put anything on top and it still sounds good."

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  • Michael White


    A Hamilton, New Jersey native and son of local guitar hero, bandleader, songwriter and singer Ernie White, Mike decided early on that music was to be his lifelong passion. By the age of six, he had made his first public appearance singing in a night club, and started his first rock band while still in grammar school.

    Mike White During high school, Mike participated in nearly every ensemble they had to offer, while he honed his chops on both bass guitar and drums, performing with his father and many local bands.

    Upon high school graduation in 1992, Mike enrolled at the acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston. During his four years at Berklee, he had the opportunity to study with such greats as Skip Hadden, Giovanni Hildago, Jamey Haddad, and others. Throughout most of those years Mike was a member of local hardcore quartet Negative Male Child. Playing shows on weekends and during summer vacations, N.M.C. released their international debut with Too Damn Hype Records in 1995.

    After earning his Bachelor of Music in 1996, Mike left Boston and headed for New York to work with the masters of heavy metal, Roadrunner Records, as a publicity intern. After a few months, he landed the drum chair with Roadrunner artists and Hari Krishna punkers, Shelter. For two years Mike recorded and toured all over the world with Shelter. This was a dream come true for him, as a teen he was a fan and saw many of their shows at City Gardens in Trenton.

    After this incarnation of Shelter disbanded, Mike returned home, started accepting drum students, gigging as a freelance drummer, and jamming with his childhood friends. Currently, Mike can be heard throughout the tri-state area performing and recording with the likes of: The Reock & Roll Review, Lisa Bouchelle, The Paul Plumeri Blues Band, The Ernie White Band, Saturday Nite Fever, Joe Zook & Blues Deluxe, Hyman Jones, B.S.C., and Third World Lover, just to name a few.

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  • Marty Paglione


    Marty, an extremely active drummer from the Northern New Jersey area, has created many new fans for the playing he's done in the drum chair for the Blues In Disguise project. A pro drummer for over 25 years, and a microphone systems designer, Marty's had decades in the business making others sound their best.

    Jerry Monk Those of you in the Tri-State area (and of course the real Jersey Shore) may know Marty from any of his many projects and affiliations. He was the spectacular drummer who anchored the rhythm section for New Jersey's most popular club band for years and years, the one and only Sam The Band.

    A talent who knows both the artistic and technical sides of the music business, Marty has been the designer of microphone systems specifically used for the drums. "Miking" the drums is as much art as science, and Marty's work perfecting systems used by pro drummers and sound engineers throughout the industry has been critical to achieving great sound from the drum set.

    Marty's "feel" is why he's a big part of the Blues In Disguise project. Playing music that goes from slow blues to high-energy powerhouse rock-and-roll is a special kind of talent that not all drummers have. And even the ones who can play it all, can't do it with Marty's energy and command of the drum set.

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